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The SCDA Car Control Clinic at Lime Rock Park


Lime Rock Park Logo​SCDA is proud to offer a comprehensive Car Control Clinic at select tracks this year including Lime Rock Park. The clinic is composed of four different sessions, each designed to prepare drivers to manage their car on the edge.  Novice drivers benefit from the Car Control Clinic by providing a “soft” introduction into high-performance driving with virtually no risk.  Advanced drivers will benefit from the opportunity to balance their car at and beyond the limits of adhesion. The Car Control Clinic dives into wet driving, managing understeer and oversteer, threshold braking and fundamental vehicle dynamics.



Highlights of an SCDA Car Control Clinic.

  • Chalk Talk: The day begins with a discussion on vehicle dynamics, driver inputs, common challenges encountered on track and how drivers will benefit from the day.
  • AutoX: Some participants with then head over to the AutoX track first for 1 hour.  At the AutoX track drivers will have the chance to familiarize themselves with a new configuration using the help of an instructor.  Track markers will be visible to guide drivers through the tight circuit and ample track will allow slides and corrections without consequences. Drivers with various driving modes in their car can take this chance to experiment with the handling characteristics in a safe place.  There will only be a maximum of 5 cars on track at a time and drivers will turn 5-laps before taking a break to let the fun soak in. Following the first session on the AutoX track, drivers may choose to drive without an instructor so long as they show they can be safe and in control.
  • Skid Pad: A Skid Pad is a large paved doughnut, often with sprinklers to control the grip level of the surface. Some drivers will bring their cars to the Skid Pad first, switching to the AutoX course after 1 hour.  The Skid Pad is the best place to explore the handling characteristics and limits of your car. Does a car inherently understeer or oversteer? What happens if I add to much throttle in a slide? How can I maintain a smooth drift all the way around the pad using just the throttle? Find out at the Skid Pad. There will be only 2 cars on the skid pad at a time and an SCDA Instructor will be on-board at all times.
  • Open Forum: For the final hour of the Car Control Clinic, drivers may choose which activity they would like to continue or can switch at will.  Every driver learns differently and this is the chance to focus more on the track that is the most effective.


Our lead instructor will discuss further details on the day of the event, but this is a fun event for all.  The goal in mind  is to help you become better drivers by controlling understeer and oversteer.  On both the Wet Skid Pad and the AutoX, the instructors will help you induce oversteer and understeer and help you recognize and control it!  The joy of learning how to do what you love even better will put a smile on your face that will stay with you a lifetime.

This event is open to any driver aged 18 (16-17 with parental waiver) years or over, NO prior track experience is needed.


The event is Limited to 24 Participants, ensuring Maximum Seat Time on both the Skid Pad and Auto X, as well as a very intimate Instructor to Student Ratio. Spots are extremely limited for this new SCDA Car Control Clinic; so if learning the limits of your car in a safe environment is what you are looking for, then this is the event for you! Arrive and Drive Spec Miatas are available for this event as well.

Please note that helmets are optional, but required if you have a racecar with rollbars.  Tech inspection is not required, but please monitor your tire wear and make sure car is in safe operating conditions.  Please also ensure that all loose items are removed from car.


2024 SCDA Schedule of SCDA Car Control Clinics

2024 Lime Rock Park Car Control Clinic dates:  1/20, 2/17, 3/23, 4/22, 6/14, 7/16, 8/10, 9/9, 9/21, 10/14, 11/1


  • SCDA Car Control Clinic costs $349
  • Register 1 month prior to the event and SAVE $25
  • Complete 2024 Schedule of SCDA driving events.

Track and Event Information

Location / Directions

Lime Rock Park Location and Directions


GPS Navigation:
60 White Hollow Road
Lakeville, CT 06039

Track Office Delivery:
497 Lime Rock Road
Lakeville, CT 06039

Lime Rock Park Policies

Lime Rock Park Policies

  • Dogs are not permitted on site during the major spectator race weekends
  • NO drones are permitted
  • Open fires are not allowed anywhere on Lime Rock Park grounds (except in approved camping areas) and must be in containers designed for that purpose. NO fires of any sort allowed on ground at any time any where. Small home grills, hibachis and small gas grills are permitted in the paddocks if operated at a safe distance from any flammable sources. Lime Rock Park reserves the right to determine what a safe distance from flammable sources is and what is an acceptable grill or hibachi.
  • Lime Rock Park operates under a strict municipal injunction limiting hours of operation and setting noise restrictions. Cars may ONLY be operated on the Course Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Lime Rock Park shall have the right, at any time, in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to or eject from Lime Rock Park or from any facility in Lime Rock Park any person for conduct which may be unsafe, discourteous, verbally or physically abusive, influenced by alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances, or may otherwise diminish the safety, health, or enjoyment of others on the premises or the conduct of an event.
  • We do not allow a non-registerable vehicle under 125cc. Vehicles such as scooters and skating systems will not be allowed to operate on the premises of Lime Rock Park, including but not limited to the Race Course or on access or paddock roads.
  • Bicycles are allowed in camping after 6:00 p.m. until dark. Guest Services will advise you when it’s time to put bikes away. Fans and participants may ride bicycles in the paddocks and on roadways. Lime Rock Park reserves the right to impound any bicycles if they are being ridden in an unsafe manner (as judged by Lime Rock Park personnel).
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the paddocks and pits fifteen (15) minutes after on-track activity has ceased for the day and until 10:00 p.m. Lime Rock Park has responsibility for ensuring compliance with policies regarding alcohol and/or other intoxicants. Lime Rock Park has the right to suspend driving privileges for any driver found to be out of compliance.
  • Quiet time on Lime Rock Park grounds is between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • Weapons and fireworks are prohibited on Lime Rock Park property.
  • Fluid wastes must be placed in approved Lime Rock Park disposal containers located at various sites in the paddocks and NEVER on the ground.
  • Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in the hot pits or at corner stations.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult while in the paddocks. For their safety and that of others, children must be kept under adult supervision at all times.
  • To facilitate emergency vehicle access, race and personal vehicles must not be parked on any paddock road/safety access lane during an Event. Any vehicle not in compliance will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Traffic in A Paddock is directional one way and limited to 5 MPH. Traffic in B Paddock is two-way and is limited to 5 MPH.
  • Participants in the Paddock desiring an electrical hookup must not have cords cross or impede any roadway or access area where vehicles or pedestrians cross, unless cords are covered with town and state approved safety cover (e.g., “yellow jacket” or “speed bump”).
  • Due to Connecticut law and D.E.P. regulations, no car washing is permitted anywhere at Lime Rock Park. However, washing of tractor trailers and other vehicles by a D.E.P.-compliant vendor with suitable waste water recovery equipment is permitted.
Concessions and Fuel

Food, Concessions and Fuel at Lime Rock Park: 

  • Street and race fuel is available on-site, self serve with a credit card.

Food Concessions:

  • Salisbury Caterers serves Breakfast and Lunch located in the paddock.


Lime Rock Park Gear:

Noise Restrictions

With the exception of our May 22nd and September 18 un-muffled events, all cars must be muffled to 86dB at all Lime Rock Park events. Lime Rock has a zero tolerance policy towards cars that exceed 86dB.  

Track Damage

Drivers are financially responsible for damage to the safety equipment and track facilities.

Shipping to Lime Rock Park

Shipping to Lime Rock Park:

Track Office Delivery:
497 Lime Rock Road
Lakeville, CT 06039

Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Gas Stations

Mobile, 10 Sharon Road, Lakeville, CT 06039
Mobil, 5 E Main Street, Canaan, CT 06018
Citgo, 200 Route 7 North, Falls Village, CT 06031
Shell, 17 Gay Street, Sharon, CT 06069
Gulf, 123 Route 44, Millerton, NY 12546
Sunoco, 69 S Main Street, Sheffield, MA 01257


Arnold’s Garage, 2 North Elm Street, North Canaan, CT 06018 860-824-5802


Northwest Classic Car, 438 Lime Rock Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 860-569-4272
Jacob’s Garage, 34 Railroad Street, Falls Village, CT 06031 860-824-5861
Napa Auto Parts, 25 N Elm Street, North Canaan, CT 06031 860-824-5133

Safety Information

Helmet Requirements

Helmet Requirements for all SCDA events.

Helmets with a SA-2015 or SA-2020 rating are REQUIRED for all SCDA Events

Helmets with an M-rating are not Acceptable.   Motorcycle helmets do not have the proper safety requirements for car use, specifically a rollbar multi-impact test.

Helmets MUST have one of these two labels on the inside.



Helmet Suppliers:

Dress Code

Long sleeves and long pants are suggested at all tracks. Open-toe shoes are not allowed. Drivers of competition cars are encouraged to wear fire-suits.

Convertible Policy

SCDA Convertible Policy

For safety reasons, all convertibles (Boxster, Miata, Corvette, BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Pontiac Solstice etc.) are required to have a roll bar that meets the following two criteria in order to be eligible to run during any event.

  1. The roll bar must be in the fixed position and visible at all times. This means that roll bars which are designed to automatically deploy are not acceptable unless they are in the full upright and locked position at all times.
  2. The roll bar must allow the driver to pass the “broomstick” test which means that the top of the drivers helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the windshield.

There are aftermarket roll bars and/or seats which can be used to help meet these requirements. If your convertible meets these standards, then you are welcome to participate!

Most retractable Factory hard tops are acceptable at SCDA events, please verify.


The ONLY time there may be a passenger on track is:

  • If the Driver is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • If the Passenger is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • Non-entrant passengers MUST sign in and receive the proper wristband
Tech Inspection

Tech Inspection

All Cars must be brought to Tech Inspection prior to entering the track.

  • Participants should bring their completed SCDA Tech Form to inspection with their helmets.
  • Vehicles must be empty of items and have the numbers attached that are in the driver packet
  • NOTE: Please visit Registration to get the event packet with the vehicle numbers in it. We cannot inspect a car that does not yet have the tech form and car numbers.

Lodging / Attractions

SCDA Discount Lodging near Lime Rock Park

SCDA Discounted Lodging

Rock Hall mid-week rates begin at $325 and weekend rates begin at $375, and we are happy to offer SCDA members a 20% discount mid-week and 10% discount weekends. For reservations, SCDA drivers can call 860-379-2230 or email and mention SCDA to get the special rate.

GreenWorks at White Hollow Bed and Breakfast
125 White Hollow Road, Lakeville CT  06039  (860)435-1054

We have an inviting B&B that caters to the motorsports enthusiast.  We’re located just a bit more than a half mile past the White Hollow entrance to Lime Rock Park. This may be helpful and convenient for you and your fellow club members.  Our three rooms are generous and pleasant, each has a queen and a single bed, private bath for each. We have room for parking and an additional spot for a tow vehicle and trailer.  Check out our website:

Stay at the Track

Staying at Lime Rock Park

Camping is NOT allowed at Lime Rock Park.  RV and Trailer parking may be staged outside of main gate to the lot on the right.  Please contact track directly to make arrangements.

Local Attractions