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The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Driving Experience

The SCDA will host events at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park this season! This 1.7 mile road course has a nice mix of straights, challenging corners and some elevation changes. The pavement is brand new and the runoff areas are very forgiving. Located in Thompson Connecticut, this beautiful motorsports facility is a track that you must plan to drive.

Highlights of an SCDA Event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

  • Repaving of the historic 1950’s 1.7 mile road course to 38’ wide, new curbing
  • Upgrade to modern safety standards, adequate run off areas and modified turn design to accommodate modern racing and driving needs.
  • A 110’ span bridge that will accommodate hauler traffic in and out of the paddock area
  • Thirty stall garage building
  • New classrooms, offices, restrooms, timing and scoring tower, concessions stands
  • Autocross and skid pad area
  • New entrance and registrations building
  • Upgraded safety fencing and barriers
  • Upgraded New England Race Fuels/ Sunoco fuel station.
  • Participants can expect four on track drive sessions, one on one In Car Instruction if needed, and two Classroom Sessions. In an effort to provide maximum levels of safety, quality, and fun at our events, the SCDA will provide trained and certified flaggers at the corner stations. This ensures that our drivers can focus on one thing- improving their driving skills. This event is geared towards all skill level drivers, from Novice to Advanced.
  • A limited number of arrive and drive rental Spec Miatas are available for this event.
  • SCDA Data and Video Coaching- SCDA is offering professional data and video coaching at our events.  This is an affordable and individualized program that will help you take your driving to the next level.  Our coaches are accomplished racers and industry experts that are able to pinpoint areas for improvement.  Together you’ll come up with an action plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Private Driver Coaching is available with 2015 SCCA Spec Miata National Champion Jonathan Goring. Please call Jonathan if you would like his Coaching Services (860) 485 5736.
  • Garage Bays are available for rent.

2024 SCDA Schedule of Events at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

The SCDA dates at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in 2024!

April 13th, May 4th, June 8th, July 20th, August 5th, September 14th, October 21st


Event Price

All Thompson Speedway event entry fees are $439 retail ($599 for novice group, includes instructor for lead/shadow or in car based on restrictions and/or request).

Save $40 and pay only $399 for one day if you register 2 months prior to the event. 

Track and Event Information

Location / Directions

Direction to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Directions to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

GPS Navigation:

205 East Thompson Rd.
Thompson, CT 06277

Phone: 860-923-2280

Google Maps

TSMP Policies

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Policies

To ensure that all guests have a safe and enjoyable visit to TSMP, the following rules
and regulations are in effect.
Entry & Admittance
All individuals must have the proper credentials for the area(s) they are seeking access
Children under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult while in the
paddocks. For their safety and that of others, children must be kept under adult
supervision at all times.
Persons under eighteen (18) years of age are not permitted in the hot pits or at corner
TSMP allows pets at its events; however all pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.
Pets are not permitted in hot pit areas
TSMP shall have the right, at any time, in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to or
eject from TSMP or from any facility in TSMP any person for conduct which may be
unsafe, discourteous, verbally or physically abusive, influenced by alcohol, drugs, or
controlled substances, or may otherwise diminish the safety, health, or enjoyment of
others on the premises
Vehicle & Paddock Rules
Vehicle parking at TSMP will vary per event and will be directed by either event
personnel or by security personnel
No vehicles of any kind are permitted on the Race Course, Autocrosses and Skid Pad
without the express consent of TSMP. No motor vehicles are permitted on any courses
or tracks after the track is closed/cold for the day.
The garages will be opened each morning at 7am and closed nightly at 6pm, unless
other arrangements are agreed upon.
The traffic flow in the paddock is counter clockwise. In other words, when traveling in
the garage area the building should stay to the driver’s left. In addition, cords may not
run across the travel lane during on track activity. Cords being run while the track is
cold must be covered by a yellow jacket cable protector.
The bridge entering the paddock only allowed for one way travel. The lights on either
side of the bridge allowing ingress and egress to the paddock are on a timer. The lights
will change approximately every 90 seconds, and must by obeyed.
Race/unmuffled engines may not be started prior to 8:30 am, Monday through
Saturday, and 12 noon on Sunday. The starting of race/unmuffled engines prior to
these times is expressly forbidden and violators may be subject to immediate removal
from EVENT. Unless otherwise indicated, engine noises may not exceed TSMP’s 103
dB limit.
Tow hooks are strongly recommended to expedite the towing process. If there are no
tow hooks available, the towing crew will hook onto other areas that may cause
damage to the vehicle being towed. The tow crew will not be held responsible or liable
for said damage.
Smoking is not permitted in the hot pits, anywhere that fuel is being dispensed or in
any facility building or garage.
Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the paddocks and pits fifteen (15) minutes after
on-track activity has ceased for the day and until 10:00 pm. TSMP has the right to
suspend driving privileges for any driver found to be out of compliance.
Standing on pit wall is not permitted. Sitting or leaning on pit wall is also not permitted.
During events in the hot areas (corner stations, pit lane, etc.) long pants and closed toe
shoes must be worn.
To facilitate emergency vehicle access, race and personal vehicles must not be parked
on any paddock road or safety access lane during an Event. Any vehicle not in
compliance will be towed at User’s expense.
Anyone caught driving recklessly will be removed from the property, per management.
Anyone placing themselves or others in danger will be removed from the property.
Tickets and/or hard card credentials will be confiscated from anyone removed from the
property. All Connecticut state laws will be applicable and enforced by the Connecticut
State Police. We ask our fans to report anyone not obeying the above conditions by
calling 860-923-2280. After hours, please report suspicious behavior to onsite security.
Property Regulations
Children under the age of sixteen (16) are not permitted to drive golf carts or operate
any other motorized vehicles at TSMP. This applies to all golf carts, whether rented
from TSMP or privately owned.
The use of non-golf cart personal paddock vehicles (i.e. atv) are allowed in the paddock
only. Golf carts may be operated anywhere on the facility. Common sense and care
must be exercised and applied to the use of such vehicles. Non register-able personal
powered vehicles including skates, skateboards, razor scooters, mini-bikes and similar
devices under 125cc are NOT permitted in the paddock. Children are strongly
discouraged from riding bicycles during on track activity.
Firearms and fireworks are prohibited on TSMP property at all times.
Fires are allowed only in designated camping areas and must be in containers designed
for that purpose. Small home grills, hibachis and small gas grills are permitted in the
paddocks, if operated in a safe manner, and for individual cooking.
Do not pound stakes or make any holes in any asphalt surface. Do not paint any
asphalt surface. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected. If you
must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, metal or wood must be under the jack/jack
stands. Jack stands must be used for anyone to be under a car.
Fluid wastes must be placed in approved TSMP disposal containers located at various
sites in the paddocks and NEVER on the ground.
Fences are not permitted to be climbed. Only those with proper credentials are allowed
in front of spectator fences. No standing is permitted on the Armco on either side of the
User is responsible to pay for all damage to the track, autocross courses, skid pad, and
other facilities incurred in connection with User’s event, including but not limited to
damage to structures, asphalt, Armco, safety barriers, tire walls, shrubbery, and trees.
Aerial photography, or the taking of photographs or video by individuals from an
elevated position in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure,
such as remote controlled fixed-wing or multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
drones, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes, stand alone
telescoping and vehicle mounted poles, either triggered remotely or automatically must
be approved by TSMP personal before use on property. Violators in possession and/or
operation at any time without permission will be subject to confiscation of their
unmanned aircraft, immediate removal from the property, and further prosecution by
Law Enforcement.
The official track photographers of TSMP are Clarus Studios. Other photographers and
media members must request, and be approved, for media credentials ten (10) days
prior to the event date. During track rentals and events, authorized photographers have
access to specified areas through approved entry points. Failure to comply may result in
loss of privileges. Non commercial photography is allowed at TSMP for public events.

Concessions and Fuel

Food, Concessions and Fuel at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park: 

  • Street and race fuel is available on-site, self serve with a credit card.

Food Concessions:

  • There are two restaurants at Thomson Speedway Motorsports:
  • The Raceway Restaurant
  • A snack bar in the paddock offers fresh and hot food made to order.
Noise Restrictions

Noise Restrictions:

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park has a strict sound limit of 103dB

Track Damage

Track Damage:

Drivers are financially responsible for damage to the safety equipment and track facilities.

Shipping to TSMP

Shipping to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park:

Ship to:

Speedway Headquarters

205 E Thompson Rd
Thompson, CT 06277

Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Safety Information

Helmet Requirements

Helmet Requirements for all SCDA events.

Helmets with a SA-2015 or SA-2020 rating are REQUIRED for all SCDA Events

Helmets with an M-rating are not Acceptable.   Motorcycle helmets do not have the proper safety requirements for car use, specifically a rollbar multi-impact test.

Helmets MUST have one of these two labels on the inside.



Helmet Suppliers:

Dress Code

Long sleeves and long pants are suggested at all tracks. Open-toe shoes are not allowed. Drivers of competition cars are encouraged to wear fire-suits.

Convertible Policy

SCDA Convertible Policy

For safety reasons, all convertibles (Boxster, Miata, Corvette, BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Pontiac Solstice etc.) are required to have a roll bar that meets the following two criteria in order to be eligible to run during any event.

  1. The roll bar must be in the fixed position and visible at all times. This means that roll bars which are designed to automatically deploy are not acceptable unless they are in the full upright and locked position at all times.
  2. The roll bar must allow the driver to pass the “broomstick” test which means that the top of the drivers helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the windshield.

There are aftermarket roll bars and/or seats which can be used to help meet these requirements. If your convertible meets these standards, then you are welcome to participate!

Most retractable Factory hard tops are acceptable at SCDA events, please verify.


The ONLY time there may be a passenger on track is:

  • If the Driver is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • If the Passenger is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • Non-entrant passengers MUST sign in and receive the proper wristband
Tech Inspection

Tech Inspection

All Cars must be brought to Tech Inspection prior to entering the track.

  • Participants should bring their completed SCDA Tech Form to inspection with their helmets.
  • Vehicles must be empty of items and have the numbers attached that are in the driver packet
  • NOTE: Please visit Registration to get the event packet with the vehicle numbers in it. We cannot inspect a car that does not yet have the tech form and car numbers.

Lodging / Attractions

SCDA Discount Lodging near TSMP
Stay at the Track

Stay at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Camping is not allowed at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Local campgrounds near Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Local Attractions

Local Attractions near Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

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