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The Virginia International Raceway High Performance Driving Experience

Recently chosen as one of Car and Driver Magazine’s Top Six Road Courses in the nation, Virginia International Raceway is a multi-purpose road course offering professional and amateur auto and motorcycle racing, as well as a wide range of track events. Each year VIR draws tens of thousands of spectators for some of the best road racing in the country.

It’s uphill Esses and sharp elevation changes not only make it a favorite among fans and drivers, but have also established it as a prominent testing facility for the automotive industry.

Highlights of an SCDA Event at Virginia International Raceway

  • We will be utilizing the classic 3.27mile long Full Course track configuration at this event.
  • The SCDA takes pride in hiring top classrooms instructors with a well accomplished racing career.
  • SCDA Data and Video Coaching- SCDA is offering professional data and video coaching at our events.  This is an affordable and individualized program that will help you take your driving to the next level.  Our coaches are accomplished racers and industry experts that are able to pinpoint areas for improvement.  Together you’ll come up with an action plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Private Driver Coaching at select Lime Rock Park events can be arranged through us with standouts such as 2015 SCCA Spec Miata National Champion Jonathan Goring, Justin Piscitell, and Rob Slonaker
  • Please plan to get to the track no later than 7:00 AM. The day’s schedule can be printed below.
  • A limited number of arrive and drive rental Spec Miatas are available for this event.
  • There is no sound limit at VIR events.
  • The SCDA will be providing complimentary donuts and coffee at VIR  events.
  • Concessions will be open for breakfast and lunch
  • Fuel is available at the track, self-serve with a credit card.
  • A professional photographer will be available at select SCDA events.
  • TMI Racing Products onsite for all your safety gear needs and much more.

2024 SCDA Schedule of Events at Virginia International Raceway


  • Feb 26th (Monday) and February 27th (Tuesday)
  • June 24th (Monday)
  • VIR event entry fees are $399 for a single day or only $749 for a 2 day event.
  • Complete 2024 Schedule of SCDA driving events.
  • 2024 SCDA VIR Daily Schedule- 6/24

Track and Event Information

Location / Directions

Directions to Virginia International Raceway

Directions to Virginia International Raceway

GPS Navigation:
1245 Pine Tree Rd, Alton, VA 24520

VIR Policies

Virginia International Raceway Policies

VIR Collects these charges:

$50 for RV’s
$35 for Tent Camping
$30 for Power Hook Ups in the Paddock
$30 for the use of Off Road/Pit Vehicles

These fees can be paid either at the gate, or in the staging area on Sunday.

If participants have lodging with VIR, they can enter at the following times: Pre registered Villa renters at 3:00 pm, Pre registered Lodge guests at 4:00 pm and all other lodging is after 5:30 pm. Please note that no trailers are permitted on property till after 5:30 pm including lodging guests.

You can enter when you arrive, however note you cannot interfere with the operations of the current event.

Also please note that VIR does not permit any type of track activity on our access roads, specifically cooling down track cars, or brake bedding.

Please note that camping is permitted at this track.

Concessions and Fuel

Food, Concessions and Fuel at VIR: 

  • Street and race fuel is available on-site, self serve with a credit card.

Food Concessions:

  • The Pagoda Grill serves Breakfast and Lunch located in the VIR paddock.
  • The Oak Tree Tavern at The Lodge serves dinner from 5-9 with live entertainment on Friday night. Closed Tuesday

Racing Supplies:

TMI Racing Supplies is  open 7 days per week. TMI carries a full line of motorsports equipment and supplies.

Noise Restrictions

Noise Restrictions:

Quiet hour on Sundays from 11 am – noon: lunch is scheduled during this time. No restrictions during hot track hours. No restrictions on weekdays

Track Damage

Track Damage:

Drivers are financially responsible for damage to the safety equipment and track facilities.

Shipping to VIR

Shipping to VIR:

All packages shipped to VIR will be delivered to the TMI Racing Products Store located in the North Paddock. The new shipping address is:

C/O TMI Racing Products
1140 North Paddock Road
Alton, VA 24520

The TMI store will be open 7 days per week for package pick up during normal business hours. On scheduled weekend events the store will be open from 7 am to 6 pm. Please note that all packages will be logged in and signed for at pick up; individuals requesting packages must show a valid identification at pick up.

Automotive Services

Safety Information

Helmet Requirements

Helmet Requirements for all SCDA events.

Helmets with a SA-2015 or SA-2020 rating are REQUIRED for all SCDA Events

Helmets with an M-rating are not Acceptable.   Motorcycle helmets do not have the proper safety requirements for car use, specifically a rollbar multi-impact test.

Helmets MUST have one of these two labels on the inside.



Helmet Suppliers:

Dress Code

Long sleeves and long pants are suggested at all tracks. Open-toe shoes are not allowed. Drivers of competition cars are encouraged to wear fire-suits.

Convertible Policy

SCDA Convertible Policy

For safety reasons, all convertibles (Boxster, Miata, Corvette, BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Pontiac Solstice etc.) are required to have a roll bar that meets the following two criteria in order to be eligible to run during any event.

  1. The roll bar must be in the fixed position and visible at all times. This means that roll bars which are designed to automatically deploy are not acceptable unless they are in the full upright and locked position at all times.
  2. The roll bar must allow the driver to pass the “broomstick” test which means that the top of the drivers helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the windshield.

There are aftermarket roll bars and/or seats which can be used to help meet these requirements. If your convertible meets these standards, then you are welcome to participate!

Most retractable Factory hard tops are acceptable at SCDA events, please verify.


The ONLY time there may be a passenger on track is:

  • If the Driver is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • If the Passenger is a registered SCDA Instructor or Coach
  • Non-entrant passengers MUST sign in and receive the proper wristband
Tech Inspection

Tech Inspection

All Cars must be brought to Tech Inspection prior to entering the track.

  • Participants should bring their completed SCDA Tech Form to inspection with their helmets.
  • Vehicles must be empty of items and have the numbers attached that are in the driver packet
  • NOTE: Please visit Registration to get the event packet with the vehicle numbers in it. We cannot inspect a car that does not yet have the tech form and car numbers.

Lodging / Attractions

Stay at the Track

Stay at VIR

Lodging at Virginia International Raceway– please call VIR to book rooms at track. Telephone 434.822.7700
Fax 434.822.8033

If participants have lodging with VIR, they can enter at the following times: Pre registered Villa renters at 3:00 pm, Pre registered Lodge guests at 4:00 pm and all other lodging is after 5:30 pm. Please note that trailers are NOT permitted on property until after 5:30 pm the day before the event starts including lodging guests.

Local Attractions

Local Attractions near Virginia International Raceway

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