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Mazda Global MX-5 Cup (ND1) and Mazda Spec Miatas racecar rentals are available for SCDA events.

SCDA can help direct your rental questions and reservations to our Preferred Vendor: Mark Gregory of Rosmar Racing. or by phone at 203-901-3076.  Visit Rosmar Racing:

Why rent a Mazda Global MX-5 Cup car or Mazda Spec Miata from Rosmar for a SCDA driving event?

  • Safe, Fast and Fun in a true racecar. Keep up with supercars in the corners at a fraction of the expense.
  • Complete roll cage, racing harness. Removable steering wheel, R-compound race tires
  • Adjustable racing seats accommodate driver’s of almost any size
  • Mazda factory Built Global MX-5 cup car and professionally built spec miatas, all properly maintained.
  • Two racing seats, instructor available
  • Perfect training car, Spec Miata are simple and fun to drive and reward smoothness and consistency.  The new Mazda Global MX-5 cup car takes it to next level in fun in modern factory built racecar
  • Save wear and tear on your own car. Arrive and drive without any hassle or risk, track insurance is available

Enjoy a Spec Miata all day, all inclusive for just $945 or only $1195 for the new Mazda Global MX-5 cup car, Renter responsible for physical damage and SCDA Entry Fee.  Supplemental Track Insurance is available.

We invite you to take a lap of Lime Rock Park from the driver seat of a Spec Miata or you can watch one of the Spec Miatas chase a Porsche 996 at a recent SCDA New Hampshire Motor Speedway event!

Multiple event Spec Miata or Global MX-5 rental discounts are offered. Please inquire for any additional information on the rental program.

Save the wear and tear on your own car! Learn the craft of high performance driving in a safe, fast, and fun professionally track-prepared Spec Miatas and Global MX-5 cup car!

To reserve your Spec Miata or Global MX-5 cup car, please contact rental car director Mark Gregory via email or by phone 203-901-3076.   Visit Rosmar Racing:

Spec Miata in car action with Elivan Goulart :
Watkins Glen

Spec Miata in car action with Elivan Goulart: 
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park