Thanks for such a great experience this year!! 

Having driven in a few events, and been at the track for many more to watch friends drive, and to just be around what was going on, I can honestly say that the SCDA is one of the best driving organizations I’ve ever seen.  There is a much greater focus on the driving, and less on the pages & pages of rules & red-tape bureaucracy that I’ve found in other driving groups.  You also have some of the best instructing talent in the entire Northeast. The day I spent with Justin Baltrucki was beyond amazing. I felt like I got 3 weeks worth of car, track & technique knowledge in 80 minutes.  Also, the SCDA is so organized, and I’m a huge fan of that. You keep things simple, you keep things safe, you keep things fun, and you make it very easy to fall in line with the structure of the whole program.  And, I don’t know exactly who your weather connections are, but you could not have dreamed of better conditions most days this year at Lime Rock. The numerous sunny and absolutely cloudless days were almost a distraction against the backdrop that is LRP. It was also kind of a neat feeling knowing that we were the last non-track club cars to drive it in 2013 last Saturday….don’t know why, but it was. When I tell people about the SCDA and Lime Rock Park, it’s very simple…I just sum it up into 3 words: “Disneyland For Adults.”Thank you all again for everything, I know a ton of work, planning & preparation go into every event…and it shows. – Scott C, Mitsubishi Sportback GTS