I just wanted to send a short e-mail to say how much of a fun and learning experience I had at my first time out at one of your events 

(As a novice on April 19th in NH.) The event exceeded my expectation and Chris R. my instructor was great, it was nice to see him sit in on the classes and be able to pull that information onto the track. He was also very good at relaying information as well as small things like track courtesy and how to treat track employees (flag, corner workers). Next time I come out I would try to have him as my instructor in the car with me. It might be a small thing but the offer of donnuts, coffee and water during the day was a really nice touch. I have been to other events and you are always taking money out of your pocket all day long. This was real nice and i ended up buying pictures and a SCDA hat (with money i would have normaly had to spend on being at the track). All in all it was a great day and will not be my last event with you. – Denis C.