Bring a new customer to an SCDA Event and you Both get rewarded!

They get $50 off their first entry and you get $50 credit towards another event!


“Refer a Friend and you Each Get $50 off your Next SCDA Event”

As a thank you to our existing customers, the SCDA is pleased to announce our Refer a Friend. If you “refer a friend” they will receive a $50 discount off their first entry by using coupon code “SCDANEW”.   As a thank you for referring a NEW loyal SCDA track friend, you will get a $50 SCDA credit after they attend the event.  That credit can be applied towards another future event during this season!  

Please note that “refer a friend” $50 credits are not transferable year to year. The SCDA appreciates the fact that many of our existing customers have been instrumental in introducing our program to friends, family and co-workers. This program will reward you AND your “first time SCDA” friend.

* Refer A Friend Discounts must be redeemed during the season in which they are issued.  Additionally please make sure that your name is listed as the referral when they register!