The Sports Car Driving Association is excited to announce the publishing of the first 2020 SCDA Track Guide.  All clients at every event will receive a copy of the SCDA Track Guide, an exciting new resource to drivers.  The Track Guide is loaded with valuable information about every track the SCDA visits, plus details about the SCDA and more. Download the complete 2020 SCDA Track Guide here.

The SCDA Track Guide includes details about every track on the 2020 schedule. Each track page includes:

  • Location and History
  • Length and Layout
  • Sound Limits and Straightaway Length
  • Corner Names and Passing Zones
  • Plus a Tip From A Pro section detailing the most challenging turns

The Track Guide also contains guidance and information pertaining to:

  • SCDA History and Mission
  • Day Flow and Tech Tips
  • Safety Flags
  • Passing Protocols
  • Best Practices at an SCDA event, including Pit Lane guidelines
  • Tire Technology and Driver Aids
  • Classroom Topics, Seating Position
  • Schedule and Notes page

 Sixteen SCDA Partners and Associate Partners have insertions in the Track Guide including:


Founded in 1995, the Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) provides the driving enthusiast the opportunity to experience high performance driving in a safe and controlled environment. SCDA events are strictly driver educational events, and are non-competitive. SCDA welcomes everyone from novices with no track experience, as well as seasoned track drivers. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us and our events at some of the best tracks in the East Coast.