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SCDA Instructor Bio

Name: James B. Ray III

Occupation: Retail IT Business Systems & Loyalty Marketing Consultant (I’m the LoyaltyCIO)

How long have you instructed with SCDA: Started in 2014

Current Track Car: 2003 Mustang GT

Daily Driver: 2012 Mustang GT500 Shelby

Favorite Track:  the one I’m at!

Most Memorable Track Experience: Driving Mt. Panorama in Bathurst, Australia

What are your top 3 bucket list items: (1) being happy, (2) helping others, (3) making a difference

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose: See-thru vision would be pretty awesome and perhaps a little bit disturbing! LOL

Anything else you would like to share: I was an SCDA virgin in May of 2004.  A 1995 Mazda Miata complete with Hard Dog roll bar, Sparco 5-point racing harness, Jackson Racing headers, exhaust, and a supercharged engine was my gateway drug into HPDE.  I am now a nationally licensed, two-time championship winning driver with the SCCA.