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DeWayne Boyer

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Instructor Profile
Name: DeWayne Boyer

Occupation: Retired Minister

How long instructing for SCDA: 5 years

Current Track Car: 2003 S2000; 2007 Corvette Z06

Daily Driver: 2003 Tundra

Favorite Track: (you pick ’em from) VIR, Road Atlanta, Monticello, the Glen, Mid-Ohio

Memorable Track Experience: an entire basket of memories from my students expressing their supreme enjoyment of our working together

Bucket List: I’ve already done everything I’ve always seriously wanted to. Married the girl of my dreams. Enjoyed an incredible experience of growing my kids, even though heart-broken over losing our fabulous 17-yr. old from a sudden brain aneurysm. Enjoying a wide range of quality athletic participation from ice hockey to flag football to track driving.

Superpower: Already connected to the Great SuperPower. Need none of my own 🙂

Anything else: I love the experience of coaching drivers. Bringing calm to fear, challenge to the timid, and inspiring every driver to enthusiastically embrace high performance driving.