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Mazda Spec Miatas racecar rentals are available for SCDA events

SCDA can help direct your rental questions and reservations to our Preferred Vendor: Mark Gregory of Rosmar Racing. rosmarllc@yahoo.com or by phone at 203-901-3076.  Visit Rosmar Racing:  www.RosmarRacing.com

Why rent a Mazda Spec Miata from Rosmar for a SCDA driving event?
  • Safe, Fast and Fun in a true racecar. Keep up with supercars in the corners at a fraction of the expense.
  • Complete roll cage, racing harness. Removable steering wheel, R-compound race tires
  • Adjustable racing seats accommodate driver’s of almost any size
  • Professionally built spec miatas, all properly maintained.
  • Two racing seats, instructor available
  • Perfect training car, Spec Miata are simple and fun to drive and reward smoothness and consistency.
  • Save wear and tear on your own car. Arrive and drive without any hassle or risk, track insurance is available

Enjoy a Spec Miata for just $995 on the full track or $495 for the Car Control Clinics.  Pricing does not include SCDA entry.

Renter responsible for physical damage and SCDA Entry Fee.

Supplemental Track Insurance is available.

Drivers MUST know how to drive a MANUAL transmission.

Multiple event Spec Miata rental discounts are offered. Please inquire for any additional information on the rental program.

Save the wear and tear on your own car! Learn the craft of high performance driving in a safe, fast, and fun professionally track-prepared Spec Miatas! 

To reserve your Spec Miata, please contact rental car director Mark Gregory via email rosmarllc@yahoo.com or by phone 203-901-3076.   

Visit Rosmar Racing:  www.RosmarRacing.com

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Rush SR Race Car Rentals

Rush SR



Rush SR track car rentals are offered for SCDA events by Rush R.

15% Discount for SCDA Drivers!


What is Rush SR?


It is a purpose built race car which runs in its own spec series in NASA, Gridlife nationwide in the U.S., as well as in race series in Canada and Mexico.


Powered by a GSXS 1000 cc engine, with 145 hp and a 6 speed sequential gearbox, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 sec, Rush SR gives you the thrill of speed and maneuverability comparable and exceeding a GT 4 or Formula 4 class car. 


RAW pneumatic paddle shift system with no lift shift with clutchless blip assist downshift adds to the joy of driving. 


Safety features meet NASA and SCCA requirements.


Rush SR track car rentals from Rush R come equipped with AIM MXS 1.3 dash and Smarty Cam for data acquisition ready for RSA3 Studio data download and analysis allowing for getting the most of your seat time, personal growth, advanced coaching and preparation for Rush SR race series events whether in New England or nationwide. 


Arrive and Drive Race Car Rental

The driver gets seated in the car so that the only thing that he or she needs to concentrate on is driving. Detailed instructions are provided on an individual basis as well as lead shadow instructions on the track if requested. Cars being intuitive and responsive as Miatas offer an easy switch from Miata-like or any other track car. 


These cars are offered for Intermediate One through  Advanced/ Instructor group. The driver should be at least 18 years old and be comfortable driving solo on the track. 

Drive Rush SR for $323 per run session. The price does not include SCDA entry.

15% Discount for SCDA Drivers!

Renter responsible for physical damage and SCDA Entry Fee.

For reservation and more information, visit rentrushr.com or inquire via rushrentals@gmail.com

Rush R is an official dealer of Rush Autoworks.