Enrique Guttin

Entrique-Guttin-RacingOccupation: Chief Surgeon at a VA Hospital in Upstate NY
Education: No College in Mexico my Native Country; I attended Medical School there, and trained as a Surgeon in Philadelphia.
Current Track Car: 99 Camaro Z-28
First Track Car: 91 Acura NSX
Daily Driver: I walk to work but when in need I drive my tow vehicle, Toyota tundra truck.
Dream Track Car: Whatever handles better than my Camaro… in other words just about anything else out there!!!; a Porsche GT3 would do nicely too. A Bentley GT for daily driving would also suit me just fine.
Favorite Track: Watkins Glen
Any Speeding Tickets We Should Know About? Only one, a year ago towing my Camaro to the Glen passing through Elmira!!!!!
Most Memorable Track Experience: While instructing my daughter at Pocono, she said through the communicator’s microphone that her “cheeks hurt”, when I asked if it was because of the helmet, she answered: “No, it is because I cannot wipe the grin of my face”
Least Memorable Track Experience: Having to tell a student after a whole day of instruction that we would not allow her to return; I consider that a personal failure.
Ultimate Track Goals: To learn from my students so I can be a better instructor.
Tracks Driven: Watkins Glen, Pocono, New Hampshire, Limerock, Shenandoah, New Jersey Motorsport(Both tracks), Montana Ca, Private club near Houston Tx.
Years Running with the SCDA 5
Pets A Maltese and a Toy Poodle, that thanks to my wife are better educated than me!!!
Favorite Food: The four basic food groups: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Wine and Cheese (With good bread of course).
Hobbies: Harassing Surgical Residents and teaching at the track.
Anything Else We Should Know? Remember that it does not matter what you drive but how you drive it, and that the only modification worth the money is to the “Nut between the seat and the Steering Wheel”