The Sports Car Driving Association’s first visit to Palmer Motorsports Park in 2019 was a huge success.  Spring weather in New England can be unpredictable, and somehow racetracks see the best and worst of it. Built on the side of a mountain in central Massachusetts, Palmer Motorsports Park has the distinction of having the “most improved” weather throughout the day and April 6th was no exception.


Drivers arriving early found a damp track as they brought their cars through the Technical Inspection process where SCDA staff ensure that cars and driver gear are safe and ready for the day ahead. As the sun got higher in the sky, the asphalt dried quickly and slippery surfaces gave way to a dry racing line and finally a warm and completely dry racetrack.  Despite being only the third event of the season for Palmer Motorsports Park, the facility was fully prepared to host close to 100 cars and the drivers and crew that comes with them. Garages were clean and ready, the paddock area was free of puddles and the track was ready to go green for the first Instructor session at 9:00.


Palmer Motorsports Park is the only road course in Massachusets and combines the thrills of such legendary tracks as Bridgehampton, Laguna Seca and Bathurst.  “Also known as Whiskey Hill Raceway the 2.3 miles long track is 40-feet wide and sees 190 feet of elevation in an alpine wilderness.  Designed by grassroots racers and professional designers and carved from Whiskey Hill granite, Whiskey Hill Raceway is a one-of-a-kind roller coaster ride,” reads Palmer’s website and the track does not disappoint. Pictures by Shawn Pierce of Saturday’s event are here.


The Sports Car Driving Association will visit Palmer Motorsports Park four times in 2019, with the next visit on June 4th.  To sign up for an SCDA event just click here.  View all 2019 SCDA events here.


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