Suzy Hiniker

suzy-hiniker-racingOccupation: Mother of 3 teenagers
Education: Simmons College (Finance)
Current Track Car: Ferrari 360 Challenge
First Track Car: Maserati Coupe
Daily Driver: BMW 540i Station Wagon
Dream Track Car: Ferrari FXX
Favorite Track: My cul-de-sac
Any Speeding Tickets We Should Know About? Squeaky clean!
Most Memorable Track Experience: Early on someone sent me his in-car video on which his instructor can be heard insisting another instructor must be driving my car as I roared past.
Least Memorable Track Experience: Crying at Lime Rock. Geesh.
Ultimate Track Goals: Ferrari Challenge races
Tracks Driven: The Northeast regulars, Morosa, Virginia
Years Running with the SCDA Two blessed years
Pets 140lb Newfoundland
Favorite Food: A glass of milk. Really.
Hobbies: Tennis and golf; the usual suburban mommy stuff
Anything Else We Should Know? The Prout Family and SCDA has spoiled me for other driving events with their spot-on efficiency, safety, enthusiasm, and overall good looks.