Scott McIver

scott-mciver-racingOccupation: Chairman of Methods Machine Tools
Education: Wheaton College
Current Track Car: Turner E36 M3 Race Car, 07 Z06
First Track Car: Toyota Supra TT
Daily Driver: BMW X5
Dream Track Car: Nissan GT500, C6R, Turner E92 M3 Race Car
Favorite Track: Watkins Glen
Any Speeding Tickets We Should Know About? I try and keep the speed on the track, but yes, my local PD has my cell number.
Most Memorable Track Experience: Running at Lime Rock in something other than a rain storm.
Least Memorable Track Experience: Spinning at NHMS, and having a Z06 (my friend Jim) and a 911 shoot on either side of me in the grass. And… Jim had it all on tape! Ugg.
Ultimate Track Goals: LRP 58 sec, WGI 2:05
Tracks Driven: Watkins Glen, Lime Rock Park, New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Years Running with the SCDA Since 2001
Pets Too many!
Favorite Food: A pint of Fat Tire at Garfunkel’s in Vail Co.
Hobbies: Track cars, business and my family take up most of my time, however I have been playing on a race sim lately to knock the rust off for the season, and learn new tracks.
Anything Else We Should Know? I would like to thank Ian and his family for 7 years of great fun. I have met a lot of wonderful, like minded car nuts people at the track.