Mike Mandracchia

mike-mandracchia-racingOccupation: Financial Advisor
Education: Queens College, NY
Current Track Car: 1991 Spec Miata, which I purchased new.
First Track Car: Same
Daily Driver: 2008 Mazda Miata and 2005 Toyota Tacoma (after all I live in Vermont)
Dream Track Car: I’m driving it – “a man needs to know his limitations”
Favorite Track: Watkins Glen
Any Speeding Tickets We Should Know About? No comment upon advice of counsel
Most Memorable Track Experience: 1st time flat out through esses at WGI or the downhill at LRP
Least Memorable Track Experience: Getting punted on 1st lap of 1st qualifying session of 1st SCCA race in left-hander at LRP thinking “this isn’t going to be as easy as it looks”.
Ultimate Track Goals: A few tenths each year
Tracks Driven: LRP, WGI, NHMS
Years Running with the SCDA 4
Pets Poodle
Favorite Food: Thai and most desserts
Hobbies: Gardening, community service through Rotary and Lions Clubs, advanced teen driver training
Anything Else We Should Know? Carol (wife of 31 years), daughters Meredith and Sarah who make me believe “Every day’s a gift not a given”.