Kostas A. Katsavdakis, PhD

kostas-katsavdakis-racingOccupation: Forensic Psychologist
Current Track Car: Subaru WRX
First Track Car: Subaru WRX
Daily Driver: BMW M5
Dream Track Car: Ferrari FXX
Favorite Track: Lime Rock
Most Memorable Track Experience: Lime Rock, June 2004 and recovering from my spin at Lime Rock coming out of Big Bend, 2004.
Least Memorable Track Experience: Losing control coming out of Big Bend at Lime Rock, 2004.
Ultimate Track Goals: Drive smoothly and consistently on each lap, using the minimum amount of braking on turns.
Tracks Driven: Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, Heartland Park Road Course, Topeka, Kansas
Years Running with the SCDA Two years
Anything Else We Should Know? SCDA puts on great events. Running at different locations is exhilarating and I greatly appreciate as well as respect the instructors, not to mention their courage for getting into the car with someone they don’t know!